Increase Your Capacity Through Personal Mastery

personal masteryEvery business and organization is dynamic. It is either getting smarter or dumber. That's why we encourage executives and business owners to create "learning organizations." These companies know that to compete in the new economy, they must learn new skills and new knowledge. However, organizations learn only through individuals who learn.

Personal Mastery

The first person in the company that must take an aggressive learning posture is the CEO or Owner. We call this type of learning "Personal Mastery." Peter Senge calls this the "discipline of personal growth and learning." Senge goes on to say that people with high levels of personal mastery are continually expanding their ability to create the results in life they truly seek. Personal mastery is about increasing your capacity to lead and perform so that you can play the game at higher levels.

The Leadership Lid

Unfortunately, most business owners hit their leadership lid at some point. A leadership lid is what John Maxwell has labeled as the top of a business owner’s leadership capacity. Once an owner has hit his lid, he doesn't know what to do. Typically, he will try to work longer hours, he will try to push himself harder, or he will just hammer his people and try to push them harder. Eventually, most owners give up and just live with the fact that they are stuck and can't take their business to the next level. Tweet This

Increase Your Leadership Capacity

In our coaching process, we help owners and executives increase their personal capacity. As they grow, their company will have potential to grow. If the leader doesn't grow, rarely does any significant growth take place in the company. In contrast, when multiple team members start growing along with the Owner, the company becomes a powerful learning organization. It begins to get smarter, more strategic, more competitive, and typically, more profitable. Assess the learning posture of your business or organization. What's your capacity?

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