Increase Your Sales – Ask Better Questions

Here is a transcript of today's video blog, Increase Your Sales - Ask Better Questions.

This morning I was meeting with my Sales Mastery Group.  This is a group of business owners and sales professionals who have been meeting together for 11 months.  Next month will be our last session together.  We've been working on our selling skills throughout the year.

This morning we summarized our top 10 selling skills.

The one skill that seemed to surface quite a bit was this whole skill around the area of the selling conversation.  Every business owner, every sales professional, needs to feel comfortable with guiding a prospective client through the selling conversation. The key to the selling conversation is to have good, powerful questions.  Questions that help that prospect identify what their needs are and what their concerns are. The purpose of that conversation is to help you as a sales professional asses their needs, but it's also to help that prospect become more and more aware and emotionally in touch with what their needs really are. We talk about this, we say that people buy on emotion, and they justify with logic. So in the selling conversation you want to ask powerful questions so that people are engaged with what their needs are.  Then you make your presentation, and the close, well it almost closes itself if you do a good job with the selling questions. So, as you think about this today, I want to encourage you to think about your selling conversation.  Work on those questions.  Power questions. One last thing, I want to encourage you to ask better questions than your competitors.  Many times sales people use the same old tired questions. I hope that you'll not do that.  I hope you'll have good questions, better questions.  And ask those questions in a way that will help your prospect see their need for your services. Glenn Smith is a Houston business coach who helps business owners and sales professionals achieve exceptional performance in their businesses, and live balanced, meaningful lives. For more information contact us here.

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