Largest Employers in Fort Bend County

Fort Bend CountyThis week the Houston Business Journal published their findings on the largest employers in Fort Bend County. It has been exciting for me, having lived in Fort Bend County for nearly 20 years, to see the growth in our community. While much of the country has experienced serious economic challenges, Fort Bend County has been somewhat shielded from the worst. That's not to say that some of our local companies have not been effected, because they have. But we have been able to weather the national (and global) economic downturns better than most. I thought this list was very interesting in that it gives us a bigger picture of the companies and industries based here at home. Some of the executives, marketing professionals, and sales professionals that I serve work for these companies. Also, many of our small businesses support these larger companies. Listed below are the largest employers and the number of full-time employees in 2012. (Excluded from this list are government jobs.)
  1. Schlumberger Technology Corp - 2,150 (Energy exploration technology/research)
  2. Fluor Corp - 2,000 (Engineering, construction, maintenance and technical services)
  3. Methodist Sugar Land Hospital - 1,400 (Hospital, health care)
  4. United Parcel Service - 924 (Package distribution)
  5. Oak Bend Medical Center - 678 (Hospital, health care)
  6. Nalco Co. - 582 (Chemical production)
  7. Texas Instruments - 500 (Microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturer)
  8. St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital - 480 (Hospital, health care)
  9. Frito-Lay Inc. - 469 (Snack food manufacturer)
  10. Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital - 454 (Hospital, health care)
  11. Texana Center - 453 (Health care)
  12. Baker Hughes Inc. - 450 (Chemical manufacturer)
  13. Tyco Valves & Controls - 450 (Valve manufacturer)
  14. Fiserv Output Solutions - 430 (Provider of financial services technology solutions)
  15. Puffer-Sweiven - 420 (Supplier of products and services for process and flow control across different industries)
  16. Tramontina - 386 (Manufacturer and marketer of cutlery and stainless steel cookware)
  17. National Oilwell Varco Inc. - 350 (Drilling and oilfield equipment manufacturer and services)
  18. Minute Maid - 313 (Marketer of premium fruit juices and drinks)
  19. FairfieldNodal - 282 (A fully integrated seismic company)
  20. SouthWest Water - 277 (Manages, operates and maintains waste water systems)
  21. Noble Drillilng Services - 274 (Drilling services)
  22. Yokogawa Corp of America - 266 (Manufacturer and supplier of test, measurement, field instrumentation, process control and information)
  23. Champion Technologies Inc. - 252 (Specialty chemical company)
  24. CSM Bakery Products NA - 246 (Manufactures bread and related products and packages frozen goods)
  25. Hudson Products - 246 (Industrial equipment manufacturer)
  26. Sunoco Logistics Partners - 231 (Pipeline)
  27. Flextronics - 223 (Design, fabricate, assemble and test electronics)
  28. Allied Concrete - 210 (Produces concrete for a wide range of projects utilizing the youngest mixer fleet)
  29. Thermo Process Instruments - 185 (Manufactures process control instruments and measuring/controlling devices)
  30. Kelsey-Seybold Clinic - 143 (Health care)

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