Lead By Communicating Vision

Vision and Leadership Meeting“People ask the difference between a leader and a boss.  The leader works in the open, and the boss in covert.  The leader leads.” - Theodore Roosevelt

Have you created your vision for your company and life?  A Strategic Business Owner must be an effective leader, and vision creation is a critical leadership issue.  Once it’s been created, you must then ARTICULATE the vision, passionately OWN the vision, and relentlessly DRIVE IT to completion!

A vision without execution is a hallucination!

Once you establish a vivid image of your desired future business, you must then share this vision with your team passionately and continually.  You must now effectively sell the direction of your company.

Don’t be afraid to sell emotionally.  Again, you must win hearts, minds, and wills.  People change when their feelings change, not when their thoughts change.  Make them feel differently.  Help them feel what you feel – your passion, hope, and optimism.  Help them want what you want.

You must also translate the vision into real terms and achievable steps.  Going forward, it’s not only what you say; it’s how you say it that matters.  Be dramatic and be memorable with your talks on the vision.

You cannot over-communicate your vision.

Your employees deserve and crave to know your heart’s desires.  Keep them informed, involved, and inspired.  Be a persuasive storyteller.  Let employees know specifically what you see in the future.  For example, let them know what you see regarding sales and profit trends, market share penetration, number of employees, number of locations, dominant niches,  product/service innovations, sales and marketing processes, structure, business systems, work flow, strategic alliances, office environment, etc.  Continue to let them know they are part of the team!

Never lose sight of the fact that your primary responsibility as a Strategic Business Owner is LEADING!

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