Leading and Managing a New Generation of Workers

leading, managing, younger worker, HRMany of my clients are talking about the challenges they face with managing a young workforce. Over the past 10 years. I have seen a definite shift in the mindset and worldview of younger Americans. Some Baby Boomers want to call it the “typical” generational stages that we all went through, but I disagree. I believe that we are witnessing a cultural shift within the American workforce. For more than a decade I have seen this shift taking place. Now we business owners have a staff of young workers who have a totally different mindset than we do. Trust me, they are not going to grow out of it. They have been shaped by non-traditional family structures, technology, media, widely publicized corporate scandals, and global insecurities, just to name a few. That is why they are different than us Boomers and why they are not going to just “grow out of it.” This generation of workers is only going to grow larger, and they are reshaping American business. This creates a very unique management concern for business owners and managers. This younger generation is an incredibly valuable resource for our nation and our businesses. They offer their employers a wealth of new possibilities. As owners and managers, we must commit ourselves to maximizing their potential. That means we must learn new things about our workforce and about management. We must be patient and train, train, train. We must invest in our younger workers so they can develop and mature. We must view our businesses as schools as well as profit centers. This is our future so get ready for an exciting ride!

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