LinkedIn for Young Professionals

business coach, houston cpa society, young professionalsI had the privilege recently to speak to the Houston CPA Society Young Professionals group in Houston. This was one of the most engaging groups I've spoken for in a long time. These young professionals had very clear expectations for our time together and asked very good questions! What a great experience it was for me and I trust I was able to share some things with them that will enable them to leverage LinkedIn more. Business leaders, especially those in professional services, should take some time to tap in to the power of LinkedIn. This tool is like a 24/7 networking event. While it is a great tool for job search or new hire search, it is also a powerful business development tool. This was the focus of our time together today. The key points of our our LinkedIn session were:
  1. How to build out your profile so that it gets picked up by search engines and sells you well
  2. How to build a strategic network of connections
  3. How to position yourself as a thought leader
  4. How to use a company page
  5. Common mistakes to avoid with LinkedIn
For more good resources on LinkedIn consider these blog posts: If you are looking for someone to speak on leveraging the power of LinkedIn, please give me a call. Also, I love coaching young professionals. If you are a part of a young professionals group and need a speaker, please give me a call.

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2 Responses to “LinkedIn for Young Professionals”

  1. Ben Simiskey says:

    Great post, Glenn. Thanks again for coming to speak to our Young Professionals group this morning. I heard a number of great comments afterward, and one of our members already posted a discussion about your presentation in our LinkedIn group. I also spent an hour or two updating my personal profile tonight to try to implement as many of your suggestions as possible. You did a great job covering a lot of ground in just one short hour. Thanks!