Living with Margin

time, margin, balanceMost small business owners suffer from a lack of "margin," or empty space. I'm not talking only about financial margin, although many suffer from a lack of space in that area as well. I'm talking about margin in their lives.

Fun, Flexibility, and Money

Business owners who lack margin in their lives are people who have not set limits for themselves. They do not make time for the three Rs: rest, reflection, and relationships. They forget that they became business owners to have more fun, more flexibility, and more money. As a result, they discover that they are overwhelmed and overworked. They soon find themselves working longer hours than they've ever worked before. They feel like a prisoner of their business. And for all their effort, they often end up making LESS money!

Strategic Business Owners

Strategic business owners understand that time is limited. They make intentional decisions about how to spend the 24 hours in each day. They are aware that they can't stop time, nor can they save or postpone it. And they understand that somebody determines how they spend their time – their customers, employees, vendors, friends, or somebody! We at The Growth Coach help business owners become more strategic so they can balance their lives. Yes, balancing is easier said than done. We begin by encouraging owners to realize that every workday has limits. We help them set limits for a balanced life by building more margin into each day and week. When professionals improve their lives through margin, they also see their businesses improve. Through rest, reflection, and relationships, they can work more effectively and make more money. Only margin can provide energy, purpose, and joy in life. Remember to build margin into every day. Contact us to learn more about how you as a business owner can become more strategic and build more margin into your life.

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