Make Your Marketing and Selling Message Concrete and Emotional

marketing message, selling messageJune 12th was the 25th anniversary of Ronald Reagan's famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate near the Berlin Wall where President Reagan issued that historic challenge to Mikhail Gorbachev, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall." The rest is history. This speech was actually loaded with powerful lines, but they are all overshadowed by this emphatic message. Two reasons this statement was so powerful is because it was concrete (not abstract) and emotional (not just intellectual.) Geoffrey James in his book How to Say It: Business to Business Selling uses this line as an example of how we as business owners and sales professionals can and should craft our selling messages. Now President Reagan could have said, "Government action should immediately be taken to end the separation of the German states." But instead he said, "Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall." Succinct, concrete, and powerful! That's how we should craft our selling messages.

Intellectual, abstract messages are not persuasive. Concrete, emotional messages move people.

What do you say when you are at a networking event? What's your message when you have the opportunity to tell someone about your business? We should concisely and concretely tell them how we add value, and use colorful words (not flowery) to engage the emotions. I suggest that we start our selling message by telling others why people hire us. This is the easiest way to communicate your value and you can focus on the needs you meet or the pain you relieve, creating an emotional connection. Here's what I like to say about my business:
Business owners hire me for 3 reasons. First, they want to grow their business, and they know that hiring an experienced coach who has helped other businesses grow will enable them to grow, and to grow faster than they probably could on their own. The second reason they hire me is to help them solve problems. They have people issues, cash flow challenges, marketing uncertainties. For some, they keep having these same problems over and over again, so they hire me to help them solve these problems once and for all. Finally owners hire me to help them balance their work and personal life. Many feel like prisoners to their businesses. They work too much and make too little. They can't take a vacation - work is hurting their family and practically all of their most important relationships. That's why people hire me!
It's a little long, but I find that, because I have a lot of emotional hooks, people are engaged and listen. So what do you say? Why do people hire you? Make your selling message concrete and emotional, and watch how people respond.

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