The Simple Truth About Marketing

marketing, marketing business"Next to doing the right thing, the most important thing is to let people know you are doing the right thing."  -John D. Rockefeller

What is marketing? Too many experts describe marketing as some type of mystical, magical, complicated process. As a result many business owners feel insecure and intimidated by it. In reality, marketing is very simple.

Marketing is Education

A basic definition of marketing is a continual education process. In other words, marketing is about educating people in your market on the advantages of doing business with you. It’s about providing the reasons why they should trust you to deliver on your promises. The more that people know about your business and the superior benefits you provide, the more that your business will grow. Period.

Who Knows?

To illustrate this truth, imagine that your business is the absolute best in your particular industry — even the history of the world. Now imagine that you never tell anyone about it. You and your employees never leave your office, and your office is underground on a deserted island. How much would your business grow? How many referrals would you get? I would bet that you’d have difficulty getting even one client or customer. Now let’s consider the other extreme. Imagine that every living customer, prospect, referral source, and advisor knows that you are the best in your industry. Imagine that they know how to find you. Now how many referrals would you get? I believe it is safe to say that you would have a lot of existing customers and many new customers pounding at your door.

The Simple Truth

Remember the simple truth about marketing: Marketing is education. The more that people know about you, the more customers and referrals you will receive. Never lose sight of the fact that you are first and foremost a business owner in the marketing business! So start educating!

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