Marketing: Sowing Seeds for Sales to Sprout!

marketing, selling“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.”-Robert Louis Stevenson

Many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to see the difference between marketing and sales. In today’s Monday is for Marketing feature I want to highlight a key difference. Selling is one-to-one persuasion.  Marketing is one-to-many education.  Effective marketing should generate qualified, educated leads.  Marketing gives you leverage – the ability to reach, educate and influence multiple targets in a single action. So marketing is about intelligently and strategically sowing the seeds necessary for sales to sprout. Some have used the military metaphor to illustrate the distinction between selling and marketing:
  • Selling is the Ground War
  • Marketing is the Air Support
The better you are at air support (marketing) the easier that makes the ground war (selling.) I hope you can see how a robust marketing system can make sales and revenue generation easier! Unfortunately many business owners don’t particularly like marketing and/or they don’t feel very good at marketing. Instead of considering the power of marketing leverage (i.e. forming strategic alliances, developing referral systems, internet, direct mail, etc.), many owners remain in the same comfort zone and deadly rut of using a single weapon such as direct selling.  They miss the chance to use their air support (marketing) to vastly aid their ground war (selling).  And the result is many lost opportunities. Our goal as strategic business owners is to find and engage points of leverage, and the first place we need to look is marketing. We need to create, implement, and measure a system for marketing. Start by creating a marketing plan. Think of your marketing as an ongoing education process for your customers, prospects, referral sources, and community. Help them to understand why it is in their best interest to do business with you or refer business to your company. Remember, we are in the marketing business. So lots and lots of seeds! I truly believe that if we so abundantly, we will reap abundantly. But if we sow sparingly we will reap sparingly. Marketing is about sowing lots of seeds in a way that will produce and abundant opportunity for sales to sprout! If you need help with your marketing let us help you today!

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