Mission: How Do You Measure It?

mission, measure your missionMission, vision, values - what do those words mean? Several years ago I had a very wise mentor tell me, “What you measure will be your mission!” At first that didn't make sense to me. However, over time I have seen how powerful this concept really is. Every business and organization that is well led will have a mission statement. Many companies put these statements on plaques, on brochures, on their websites, everywhere. However, the important question is, “How do you measure your mission?” Many businesses build their mission statements around things like customer service, customer experience, a quality product, or even a more altruistic outcome. But do they measure it – and if they do, how do they measure it? I’ve seen many executives and business owners write one thing but then measure something totally different. They may say “customer experience” is their mission but only measure profitability. The truth is, what you measure will be your mission, no matter what you write on a plaque! Now there’s absolutely nothing wrong with measuring profitability, and every business must do so. But companies that only measure profitability will sacrifice other things to make sure that the company stays profitable. You know you must be profitable to stay in business, but to say that a certain kind of “customer experience” is your mission requires that you find a way to measure the customer experience. Otherwise, it will fall by the wayside. It will be words on a wall and nothing more.

What is Your Mission?

In my business profitability is a given. However, my mission is to empower executives and business owners to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses and lives. The implication is that I will be profitable as I empower executives and business owners. So what I must measure is how well I empower executives and business owners, and how well they and their businesses perform. This is subtle but critical! What are you measuring? Are you measuring against your stated mission? Remember, what you measure will be your TRUE mission. As a business coach my goal is to help my clients gain alignment between their mission, their behaviors, and their measures!


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  1. Patti says:

    Thank you very much. I am writing a comprehensive school counseling plan and your article was helpful in my understanding of the relationship between goals and mission.

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