Mission-Vision-Values: The Foundation of Every Great Company

Here is a transcript of today's video blog - Mission, Vision, Values: The Foundation of Every Great Company.

Hi, I'm Glenn Smith, The Growth Coach in Houston, TX. I want to talk today about the foundation of every great company and every great organization. That foundation revolves around 3 things: Mission, Values, and Vision. Let's talk about those three concepts. They're very confusing for many people. In fact, every book you read and every consultant you talk to will present them a little bit differently. What's important is that you know what you mean when you use these words. When we talk about mission, values, and vision here's what we mean. Mission is that statement about why you exist.  I recommend that business owners write it in a "to verb" structure, in other words, as an infinitive. So you say, "We exist to…" and you fill in the blank. Organizations like McDonalds say that their mission is, "to be the world's best quick service restaurant experience." Google says their mission is, "to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." In our company, we say that our mission is, "to empower business owners to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses and live extraordinary lives." Write the mission of your organization by writing the "to verb" structure. Then once you write that statement, talk about your values. What are those core beliefs, those guiding principles that govern everything we do? The values may be the most important part of your organization because they shape the culture and they inform your vision. In our company, we have 3 core values. We talk about integrity. We value integrity. We want to always do what we say we will do, we never want to take advantage of our clients, and we always want to serve them with integrity. A second core value is compassion. We genuinely care for the people we serve. We live out that value of compassion. And our third core value is learning. We're always trying to learn best practices and the best way to achieve our goals. We say it this way, "We want to learn something new for every client, and we want to learn something new from every client." We are a learning organization. Those are our 3 core values. What are your core values? Finally, we have vision. Vision should be informed by your mission and your values. I recommend that you NOT write your vision in a statement. You already have a statement with mission. Many companies, and most consultants, recommend that you write two statements. I do not recommend that you do that, because what you end up with is two competing statements and nobody remembers either one of them. So write a mission statement, but then with vision, tell stories. Make it a story or a series of stories that describe a current reality that you're not happy with. And also a story that paints a picture of a preferred future. That's what vision is, it's a picture of a preferred future. When I think about our company, it takes me back to growing up. I grew up in a family-owned business, my wife grew up in a family owned business. I've owned businesses myself. And I know businesses can be very demanding on their owners. I see business owners all the time who are working extremely hard, and not getting the results they want or deserve. I see business owners who are working very long hours for nominal return. I see business owners who are not enjoying their families and their lives because they're prisoners to their businesses. I see business owners who are trapped in their business because they don't have systems and they cannot break free. Our vision, our dream, is to help these business owners achieve exceptional performances in their businesses, but also to live a life that is deeply meaningful. We see business owners getting unchained and getting free from their business. We see them being able to get away for a week, a two week, or a month long vacation and not worry about their business. We see families getting their fathers back and getting their mothers back because they're free from that business. We see businesses thriving and prospering, and these businesses experiencing the joy and the fruit of that. That's our dream, that's our vision. I want you to think about your vision. What is it that your company is doing to improve the lives of your people, your customers, and your community? So get clear on your mission, values, and vision. That's the foundation for your success.

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  1. anita says:

    so true! Develop a plan to communicate the vision statement to your employees and reward the workers who make it happen! the same things are followed in Galfar: http://galfar.com/vision

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