Recent News of Interest for Business Owners

As owners of small businesses here are some important things to keep in mind -

About our employees:

  • 74% of your employees are either actively searching for a new job or are open to new opportunities.
  • Almost 35% of people begin preparing for their next job within weeks of starting a new one.
  • 24% say job searching is a regular part of their weekly activities (Source - employees are probably looking for a new job! 

About the cost of compliance:

About small business in Houston:

  • SBA has awarded over $678 million in loans to Houston-area small businesses this year
  • Houston area continues to rank high among the metros reporting the most growth in employee paychecks
  • Houston businesses sold during the 3rd quarter of 2012 had median revenue of $368,500 (Source:  Houston Business Journal)Houston is a great place to own a small business!

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