Your Personal Brand: Build It Using LinkedIn

Almost every business professional I know could benefit greatly by using LinkedIn to build or enhance their personal brand. While I enjoy coaching executives, business owners, and sales professionals on the power of social media, I particularly enjoy coaching them on LinkedIn. Yes, I know, there are 5 times more people on Facebook. But if your business is B2B or if you want to reach the business professionals there is no better tool than LinkedIn. In order to really leverage LinkedIn you should start with your personal profile. Think of this as your personal brand. In coaching clients I ask questions like, "What do you want to be known for? How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? How do you position yourself to create interest and appeal?" One of the key tools for building your brand is the Headline. Think carefully about the words you will use as this will function as your branding statement. Your Name and your Headline get more visibility than any other part of your profile. It is also highly indexed by search engines, so by entering searchable keywords you will increase your visibility even more. However, you are limited to 120 characters so take some time and think carefully about how you will brand yourself. Once you determine your Headline be sure you include a professional photo and complete your profile 100%. Remember, this is your personal brand so make sure it is complete! Pay particular attention to your Summary. Here you are given a lot of real estate to talk about your expertise, strengths, passion, and abilities. Provide some credible evidence here to support your brand by sharing professional achievements, recognitions, statistics, or even a case study. Choose 2-3 highly searchable keywords and use them several times in this section. Use all your characters but break up your Summary into short paragraphs for better readability. LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for building your personal brand. I hope you will take full advantage of it. And while you're working on your profile, check me out here - My Personal Brand.

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