Know Your Target Customer

Reach Your Target Customer

Who are your best customers or clients? Wouldn’t you like to have a whole lot more of THEM! Think about how much time and energy you lose on customers or clients who are much less desirable. What if you had less of those and more customers like your BEST customers?

As a business coach serving Houston, Sugar Land, and the Katy, TX area, I am always encouraging my clients to know and focus on their target customer.

Who is that target customer? It is the prospect who is most like your best customers. What makes them your best customers depends on what you value most. Typically it is the customer who generates the most revenue with the least amount of effort. This revenue may come in the form of direct sales, repeat sales, referrals, or a combination of these. Sometimes it is the customer who brings you the most pleasure to serve or who you feel receives the most value from your product or service.

However you define them, you only want to market to your target customers!

Why spend time and money marketing to potential customers who are anything less? Go after the prospects whom you most want to serve! Can you identify them and describe them? Do your referral partners know who a really good referral is for you? Now I serve a lot of executives, business owners, and sales professionals – some of whom are not my ideal customer. But those are the three groups I focus on, and whoever I serve, I want to give them the very best service and value possible. However, within those groups there are specific characteristics that I look for most when I am marketing. For example, the best business owner prospect for me is someone who:
  1. Has been in business 3 years or more
  2. Has 3 or more employees
  3. Has gross revenues between $500,000 and $10,000,000
  4. Is improvement-oriented
Does this characterize ALL of my business owner clients? Again, no. But when I market, these are the people I market to. The more of these clients I get, the stronger and more profitable my business becomes.

Who is YOUR target customer?

Do you know? Do you have a clear picture? Before you make that next decision about where you spend marketing time or marketing money, ask yourself, “Is this going to reach my target customer?” If not, don’t do it! Find some other way to market so that you grow your business with the customers you really want!

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