We Offer a $250 Referral Reward When a Referral Becomes a Client

referral marketing, referral rewardReferral marketing is the best lead generator any business can have. Referrals are typically better leads and they are usually the least expensive leads too. That’s why we are now offering our clients, strategic partners, and anyone who believes in what we do a referral reward of $250 in either cash or services.  This reward will be given to the person responsible for supplying that lead when the prospect signs up for our ongoing coaching program. I also regularly tell our clients that the #1 marketing priority for every business is to market to the customers you already have. That is one reason why we host an annual Client Appreciation Luncheon. This is a time to tell our clients how much they mean to us, and to let them know what a privilege it is to serve them. It’s also a wonderful time for them to meet other business owners and leaders who are also improvement-oriented. The greatest compliment anyone of us can receive is to receive a referral. We are so appreciative for the referrals that come to us. We are excited to offer this reward as a gesture of our appreciation! Let me encourage you to think about how you can leverage referral marketing more in YOUR business. Make it a central part of your marketing strategy. Of course, a reward is only one component of a powerful referral marketing strategy, so don’t stop here. To learn more and to receive a complimentary 1-hour strategy session on referral marketing contact us today!


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