Relationship Marketing: It’s All About Relationships!

referral marketing, marketing, customer serviceToday we are back with our Monday is for Marketing feature.  The focus today is on building genuine relationships. My experience has shown me that the most successful business leaders are the ones who prioritize and invest in building relationships. They know that the revenue is in the relationships. However, they must be genuine, authentic, and generous. I always fear that people will think I'm talking about "using" people. I'm not! I'm talking about truly serving others. Ivan Misner's motto is "Givers Gain." Bob Burg calls these people "Go-Givers." Relationships are established and nurtured as we give generously and freely to others.

Brian Tracy has said that the key to making more sales is to get in front of more people. My caveat on that is the key to growing your business is more and better relationships.

Unfortunately, for most of us, the tendency is to take relationships for granted. I have to confess that this is all too easy for me to do as well. We must create a process so that we systematically get face-to-face with our best customers, our best prospects, and our best referral sources. It's also important to regularly nurture those "support" relationships that we are blessed to have (e.g. advisors, encouragers, employees, mentors, etc.)

Let me give you a challenge for the next 90 days. I want to encourage you to make 3 lists:

  • List your top 10 best customers/clients
  • List your top 10 best prospects (or prospective referral sources)
  • List your top 10 best referral sources (those who actually do give you business)
Once you've identified these folks, make it your goal to make a meaningful, personal contact with each one over the next 90 days. That's 10 per month. Look for ways that you can add value to them. Write them a person note. Give them a personal call. Have coffee or lunch just to catch up. Send them a small token of your appreciation. Don't ask them for anything! Just give! They will be appreciative and it will be good for your soul. Be sure you tell them that if there is anything you can do for them to just let you know. Build this into your ongoing routine. Nurture those relationships, because it's all about relationships!

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