Sales Success Obstacle #1: Fear of the “No”

fear, sales successWe have been counting down the top seven obstacles to sales success. Today we conclude with obstacle #1: “Fear of the ‘No.’” Much has been written about the fear of rejection, but it still remains a stumbling issue for many sales people. I find that it is helpful to give my prospects an option of “no” right up front! Does that sound like I’m shooting myself in the foot?

Not For Everyone

Let me explain: My product and service is not for everyone. I don’t want anyone to feel manipulated or disrespectfully coerced. Neither do I want customers to feel any “buyers’ remorse.” When people say “yes” to me, I want them to truly want what I am offering. I want it to be a “win-win” situation. Otherwise, there is no hope for a long-term relationship. As a sales professional, you need to truly believe in your product or service. You need to be passionate and enthusiastic about what you are offering. You need to communicate the unique benefits of buying from you. But in the end, if the prospect says “no,” it does not diminish the value of your product or service, and it is not a personal rejection of you. You must understand that differentiation within yourself in order to succeed.

Let's Review

And now, to recap our series of obstacles to success:
  • Obstacle #7: “Failing to Continuously Improve.” Successful sales professionals are always learning and improving their skills and their mindset, which requires attention and intentional development.
  • Obstacle #6: “Inability to Close the Sale.” A good selling conversation is important, which takes into account your buyers’ emotions and buying signals and your closing question.
  • Obstacle #5: “Not Keeping Your Promises.” Your clients’ perception of your reliability affects your ability to make sales.
  • Obstacle #4: “Failure to Listen During the Selling Conversation.” When you ask quality questions then listen and observe to your prospects’ response, you have an edge in sales.
  • Obstacle #3: “Focusing on Yourself Rather Than Your Prospective Customer.” Set aside your own fears, discomforts, or motives to focus solely on understanding the needs of a prospect before and during a selling conversation.
  • Obstacle #2: “Not Being Prepared.” Prepare before making the sales contact.
Now that you know the seven obstacles to sales success, contact me to identify and address the obstacles that are getting in the way of your success. As a business coach, I help executives and business owners push past obstacles to experience personal and professional satisfaction. Contact me today if you want to increase your sales effectiveness.

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