Sales Success Obstacle #6: Inability to Close the Sale

Close the sale_150We are continuing in our countdown of the seven biggest obstacles that hold sales professionals back. Last time we looked at the failure to consistently improve. Today we are discussing the sixth obstacle in sales, which is the inability to close a sale.

Why Do People Buy?

In my early days of selling, this was a huge problem for me! And since that time, I have discovered that the ability to close a sale is a problem for many other people as well. If you are like how I was back then, then this scenario may sound familiar: You can have a great conversation, ask some good questions, and uncover some clear needs that can be met. But when the time comes to close the sale, something happens, and you walk away empty-handed. Since those early days, I’ve learned that people buy based on emotion, and they justify with logic. In other words, every buying decision is an emotional decision. To a salesman, this means that a good selling conversation will guide you into the prospect's points of pain and passion. If you never uncover pain or passion, you will probably never close the sale.

3 Keys to Closing the Sale

The three keys to a successful close are emotions, buying signals, and questions. Through your conversation, look for the moments of emotion. Don't be afraid to linger there. Also be watching for both verbal and visual buying-signals. And then, when the time seems right, ask the closing question. There is an art to this, but with practice and evaluation, you will be able to improve your ability to close the sale. You might consider engaging a coach to help you with your questions and scripts, as well as to help you increase in your self-awareness and other-awareness. As a sales coach and sales trainer serving the Houston area, I am here to help you overcome this obstacle.  


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  1. Andrew Guild says:

    Nice article. I’ve often found that the customer is waiting for the salesperson to close a deal. The customer isn’t sure what to say next and is really waiting for the salesperson to say something like “let’s wrap this up” or “let’s call it a deal.”

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