Sales Success Obstacle #7: Failure to Continuously Improve

sales success, business owner This blog post kicks off my new series of posts that count down seven of the biggest obstacles that hold sales professionals back. The seventh obstacle is the failure of business leaders to continuously improve. Leaders are learners, and successful sales professionals are always learning and improving their skills and their mindset. Both require attention and intentional development. Sales people fail in this area typically because they are not intentional!

You Can Always Improve

No doubt you are reading this blog because you want to improve! Let me encourage you to continuously read, observe, engage mentors, attend seminars, talk to colleagues, and evaluate your selling experiences. Create a personal development plan right now – if you don't already have one – to learn and grow as a sales professional. There are three areas that you must address in order to take your sales to the next level. As you learn and grow, you will want to focus on these three areas.
  1. You must have a basic knowledge about the product or services that you are selling.
  2. You must have a reliable selling process.
  3. You must have the right mindset or attitude. My observation is that mindset or attitude is often the most challenging!

The Results of Learning

Being an aggressive learner can result in big benefits, including:
  • becoming a top-notch sales professional
  • gaining more confidence and improving your performance
  • falling in love with selling and beginning to see it as "serving" rather than taking
  • gaining greater financial success
  • enjoying the fruit of a growing network of people who appreciate you
  • realizing the enormous potential you have to succeed in sales
As a business coach who serves Katy, Sugar Land, and the West Houston area, I am here to help you! Your success is my success! Contact us today for a free Strategy Session to evaluate your sales process.

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