Sales Training: Never Take “No” For an Answer – Really?

sales training, business coach, marketingToday in our Monday is for Marketing feature I want to challenge the old sales notion that you should never take “No” for an answer. As a business coach who enjoys sales training, I want to give you another approach to consider. Back in the old days of traditional sales training most of us were taught to never let the customer say “No.” We were given several different techniques and tactics to keep the pressure on and basically wear them down until they bought our product or service. If they didn’t buy from us we were told to at least go down in flames trying. In a word, I HATE this approach. I hate it as a sales professional and I hate it as a buyer. In fact, most people hate it. Please forgive me for my strong language but it just doesn’t have to be this way. Selling should be a pleasant and mutually beneficial experience for both parties. In a previous post I recommended that we learn to “practice the ping.” I suggested that we should learn to send a gentle “ping” to measure the prospect’s interest. If they respond positively, move a little closer. If they signal that they are not interested, drop it! Yes, drop it! I equate selling to dating. When it’s obvious the target of your affections is not interested, it’s usually much better to approach them at another time, under different circumstances. The same thing is true with selling. Don’t be a jerk and ruin your opportunity for another chance down the road. Always be respectful and courteous. Don’t let the gentle “No” create anxiety or despair. Simply tell yourself that this is not the right time. Be confident and secure in yourself and your product or service. Build positive relationships. Leave positive impressions. Look for appropriate ways to bring value to others and when appropriate, educate them on the value your company has to offer. But most of all, be patient. A “No” is something to respect but not be intimidated by. It simply means, not at this time. So make sure you leave the kind of impression that will open the door wide when the time IS right!

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