Sales Training: Selling With Noble Purpose

In our most recent video blog,  we share that the most critical part of sales training is developing sales people who sell with noble purpose. Here's the transcript:

Hi I'm Glenn Smith, the Growth Coach in Houston, TX. If you're a business owner or a sales manager, I want you to think about this: How do you train your sales staff? How do you train your sales people? I think that the most critical part of sales training is helping your people develop the right mindset. And mindset starts with purpose. Now, you probably are saying, the purpose is pretty simple. We've got to generate revenue. We've got to make money. And it's true, you do have to do that. But what we've discovered is that sales professionals who perform at the highest levels have a higher purpose than just money. Lisa Earle Mcleod has written a great book about this entitled Selling With Noble Purpose. And what she documents in her book and in her research is that the high performers, the top sales performers always are thinking about their customer. They're thinking about how they're going to make a difference in someone else's life. And they think about that before they have the appointment, and then when they meet with a prospect, that's where their mind is focused and centered. And it's not about just making money. It's about serving another human being. And as a result, they make a lot more money. Think about this. What if your customers came in to your office and saw on your office white board this statement: I want to make as much money as possible. They saw that, that that was your objective. How do you think your customers might feel? How would you feel? If it were me, I'd probably feel a little bit embarrassed. Think about this, what if your prospects came in your office and they saw their names on your board, and they saw a dollar amount that they represented to you, and a close date, or a potential close date. How do you think your prospects might feel? And again, how would you feel? Again, we'd probably feel very embarrassed. Because we want our customers to know that they are more than just money to us. We care about them. And our customers and our prospects want to know that we care about them. Lisa goes on in her book and she says, "sales people who sell with noble purpose, who truly want to make a difference in the lives of others, consistently outsell the sales people who focus purely on sales goals and money. In a ten year business growth study of more than fifty thousand brands, Jim Stingle, the CMO of Proctor and Gamble reported, "Those who center their business on improving people's lives have a growth rate triple that of their competitors, and they outperform the market by a huge margin." Jim Collins in his book Built to Last documented that, "organizations driven by purpose and values outperform the market by 15 to 1. Let me encourage you to think about how your train your sales people. Because in sales training, if we don't help our people get the right mindset, and develop a higher purpose, it will not serve our customers well. And it won't be good for your business long term. Let me encourage you to make selling with noble purpose your objective, and the objective of your sales team. And I promise you, in the end, you'll see the difference in the bottom line. Thank you for watching.

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