Are You a Strategic Business Owner or Technician?

strategy, plan, strategic business ownerIf you are honest, business ownership is probably quite different from what you expected and from what you have been prepared to handle. If not held in check, the very strengths that made you a successful technician (detail orientation, hands-on doer, technical expertise, day-to-day focus, etc.) can be real liabilities to you as a business owner. Technical expertise alone is never sufficient to build and manage a healthy and profitable business. You must provide the vision and leadership of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the order and systems of a Manager. You must get strategic to get free and really grow your company! You must learn to focus on the entire business, not merely the technical work of the business. You must elevate your mindset, focus and actions - focusing on the vital few things that really matter and make a difference. You must learn to think and act like a Strategic Business Owner. One of the greatest values of a good business coach is that he will help you elevate your thinking! What step(s) do you need to take today to be a more strategic business owner?

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