Strategic Business Owners Leverage Their Leadership

business owner, leadershipStrategic leadership is critical for a business owner. Your ability to lead affects everything: the potential success of your business, the potential success of your business team, and the potential success of your own personal freedom and fulfillment. Strategic business owners understand the importance of leveraging their leadership in order to optimize their success in all areas of their lives. Good leaders recognize that their most important role in their business is that of a leader, not of a doer. They make their most important task that of leadership, not of doer-ship. Leaders understand that they should focus on leading more – not on working more – to find freedom from the daily grind and the technical trenches of their businesses. Good leaders also recognize the roles that should be reserved for others. They refuse to wear multiple hats in their companies. They do not allow any task to divert their focus from their primary responsibility of leadership. They know that the potential for success in their business is primarily connected to their ability to effectively lead the people in their team. Good leaders understand that all results begin with and ultimately trace back to them. They take 100% of responsibility for the good, the bad, and the ugly in their businesses. They create clarity – clarity of vision, direction, goals, focus, expectations, and consequences. They also create the right conditions for others to succeed. Good leaders get the people in their team rowing in the same direction. In addition, good leaders know that their leadership is a fundamental element of personal freedom and success. They embrace opportunities for growth because they understand that learning to lead properly is a continual process. They never lose sight of the fact that their primary responsibility as a Strategic Business Owner is LEADING!

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