The 5 Essentials of Leadership

leader, leadership, vision, culture, business ownerEverything rises and falls on leadership. Small businesses become companies of excellence because of leadership. Large organizations become organizations of excellence because of leadership. Non-profits become powerful influencers in society because of leadership. One of our key priorities must be to grow as a leader. Here are the 5 essential roles that leaders must fulfill in order to succeed in their businesses and organizations. These are the areas to focus on for leadership growth!

Leaders Must Cast Vision

Only the leader can do this. Others can repeat and share the vision, but the leader must cultivate the vision and communicate the vision. To have a powerful vision it has to be about more than just money or organizational growth. It must be about the impact your company has on its customers. It must be about the problems you solve and how you make life better for others. Self-serving visions do not inspire. So think about it. What vision do you want your team to aspire to? Then share it with passion!

Leaders Must Create Culture

Sometimes leaders do this without realizing it. That's why they sometimes get a culture they don't want. It's far better to reflect and think about the culture of your company, and to think about the culture you want in the future. Employees are often drawn in by vision, but they stay because of culture. As a business owner or organizational leader, you are the architect of culture. Be intentional about it and create something that others will want to be a part of.

Leaders Must Communicate Expectations

One of the biggest complaints and frustrations I hear from team members in all organizations is lack of communication. Particularly, our people want to know what is expected of them and they want to know when they meet and exceed expectations. Make sure the goals are clear to everyone. Make sure that everyone knows what behaviors you expect from them. And then praise them for meeting expectations. As you do this there is a high likelihood that your team will then start striving to exceed your expectations! Don't be surprised if THEY start raising the bar!

Leaders Must Foster Connection

It is absolutely critical to employee satisfaction for them to feel like they are a part of a group, a community. Many business owners do not think about this, but loneliness in the workplace can be a big morale killer! Make sure your team feels connected to one another, and if possible, to you! Create a sense of community and it will be like glue for your employees.

Leaders Must Provide Training

People want to be developed. This is especially true for younger generations. I encourage small business owners to think of their business as a school. This is a place of learning and development. Create and implement an intentional training program for your people. Teach them systems and skills. Teach them culture and values. Teach them leadership! As a business and executive coach one of the things I enjoy most is helping men and women become more effective leaders. Our communities are full of wonderful people, but the difference-makers are the leaders. Contact me for a FREE 1-hour coaching session to help you grow as a leader!

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