The 5 Step Talent Acquisition Process

Hi I'm Glenn Smith, The Growth Coach in Houston, TX In this video blog, I want to talk about The 5 Step Talent Acquisition Process. Every small business needs a process for hiring good people. That's a common complaint and concern that I hear from business owners. Let me give you 5 steps that will help you today in your talent acquisition process.

#1 Lead Generation

You've got to be able to generate a pool of potential candidates for your position. Many times, business owners will simply select the first person that comes or the easiest person to hire. That's rarely a good decision. What I recommend is to have a process to generate potential candidates. You want to start with a job description where you define, "Here's what this person will do. Here are the qualifications we're looking for." And then find a way to promote that job in terms of postings. It could be something like Craigslist, or if it's a more professional level, Or you can post it on LinkedIn or share it at networking events or local community places. Get the word out about the person or the job you are trying to fill. Generate as many potential leads as you can.

#2 Behavioral Interview

You don't want to ask hypothetical questions in the interview process, you want to ask questions about their real life experience. So ask questions around the things that you're looking for. I recommend that you start by identifying the 3-5 most critical tasks and the key performance indicators that will indicate that this person is successful. Then build your questions around those and ask them in a way about their past history. Ask questions like: - "What have you done like this...?" -"Tell me about a time when you did this.... Probe and dig into those questions to find out what their behaviors and what their real life experiences have been.

#3 Assessment Tools and Exercises

You may want to use a personality test or a cognitive ability test. You may want to use some kind of physical ability test depending on the job. Any kind of test is okay as long as it doesn't discriminate and as long as it's relevant to the job at hand. You can use exercises as well, such as leaderless group discussions, in-basket exercises, case studies, and others. You can go through these exercises and it will help you see how this person thinks, processes, and makes decisions.

#4 Reference Checks

Many times, business owners skip this, and that is a big mistake. I encourage business owners to look for 3 C's: Competency, Chemistry, and Character. We can get a good look at their competency through the behavior interview and assessment tools and exercises, but when it comes to chemistry and character, a lot of that is our own intuitive judgement. So you want to do the reference calls and checks to see if the references validate the things that you are intuitively thinking and feeling about this candidate.

#5 Final Selection

You want to have a system for this. How do you score grade, or rate these candidates so you can select the very best one. I encourage my clients to build a complete HR system, and we've done a video blog recently about that. We encourage you to look at that blog as well. Part of that system is this Talent Acquisition Process. Take these steps and implement them, and I promise you, it will improve your effectiveness and success at acquiring good talent. Thanks for watching.

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