The 7 Fundamentals of Sales

sales process One of the legendary sales trainers is Tom Hopkins, author of several books on selling. One of his books is titled, How to Master the Art of Selling. This book has been tremendous in helping many people with their sales process. In this book, Tom teaches that there are seven fundamentals that make up the selling process.

7 Fundamentals

According to Tom, the selling process includes:

Creating a Selling Process

These seven fundamentals are the core skills that make up a successful sales process. Strategic business owners know that they and their team need to master these skills in order to be successful in sales. Every member of your sales team – including yourself – needs to work on becoming increasingly competent in these seven fundamentals. You can never go wrong by reviewing and strengthening the fundamentals. In our sales training and coaching process, these are the skills we seek to improve in our clients and their sales staff. In our process, we begin by asking tough questions, assessing ourselves honestly, and then creating a plan of action.

How Effective Are You?

So begin by assessing your and your team’s mastery of the fundamentals and being honest about your selling effectiveness. Ask yourself these questions: In which of these seven fundamentals do you think you are strongest? On which fundamental do you need to improve? Then, create a plan. Identify your most important growth area and set a goal today to start improving in that particular area. Identify some concrete action steps for your personal growth and development as a sales professional. Set yourself a deadline. And track your results. The most successful sales people never stop learning and never stop growing. You may consider hiring a coach who can help you as you continue on your road of personal and professional development. In our business, we have helped countless business owners become competent in all seven areas of the selling process.


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