The Biggest Myth About Strengths and Weaknesses

strengths and weaknessesYou may believe one of the biggest myths of business! Most people today still believe they should focus on fixing their weaknesses. In fact, they believe that fixing their weaknesses is their key to success.

Fixing Weaknesses vs. Leveraging Strengths

Nothing could be further from the truth! The key to your success is not in improving your weaknesses, but is actually improving your strengths. The key is to develop and leverage your strengths. Of course, you don't want to allow a weakness to cripple you. It’s important to stay mindful of weaknesses. But that's not the avenue to your greatest accomplishments and contribution. There are reasons why most people would rather focus on fixing a weakness than developing a strength. Part of it has to do with their belief system. They believe myths about themselves, and these myths then serve them in some powerful – but limiting – way. As a result, even when faced with the facts, they still operate by the myths.

3 Myths Debunked

According to Marcus Buckingham, here are three myths that hold us back – and the truths that set them straight. MYTH: As you grow, your personality changes. TRUTH: As you grow, you become more of who you already are. MYTH: You will grow the most in your areas of greatest weakness. TRUTH: You will grow the most in your areas of greatest strength. MYTH: A good team member does whatever it takes all the time to help the team. TRUTH: A good team member deliberately volunteers his strengths to the team most of the time. Check your beliefs. Do you think it would be best for you and your company to spend more time leveraging your strengths than working on your weaknesses? Learn to compensate for your weaknesses and maximize your strengths! Tweet This

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