The Key to High Energy: Positive Mental Attitude

energy, positive mental attitude, attitude“Every strike brings me closer to the next home run.” - Babe Ruth

One key to high energy is the development of a positive mental attitude and elimination of negative emotions.  This can be the most important thing you do to assure a long and happy life.  Your ability to keep your mind on what you want and off what you don’t want will determine your levels of health and happiness. The more you think or talk about the people and situations that make you angry or unhappy, the angrier and unhappier you become.  Negative emotions actually depress your mind and body.  They rob you of energy.  They depress your immune system and make you more susceptible to illnesses of all kinds.  They tire you out and discourage you.  They undermine your confidence and enthusiasm and lower your ability to perform effectively in the most important areas of your life and business. One way to overcome the temptation to complain and criticize is by substituting the negative thought with a positive thought.  Your conscious mind can only handle one thought at a time.  A powerful way to neutralize the emotions of anger, fear, or worry is with the affirmation, “I am responsible!” You can’t accept responsibility for a situation and continue to be angry at the same time.  Most negative emotions are triggered by blaming someone for something.  The instant you stop blaming others, and accept responsibility, the negative emotion stops. If you are still bothered by negative experiences from your past, consider practicing the principle of forgiveness.  You are mentally healthy to the extent to which you can freely forgive anyone who has hurt you in any way.  In forgiving, you not only let the other person go, you set yourself free as well. You can’t accept responsibility on the one hand, forgive on the other, and still be angry or upset.  Therefore, your energy level and effectiveness rise and you’re able to continue towards achieving your goals and dreams. Keep your energy high with a positive mental attitude!

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