The Secret to Getting More

want more_150x150We all want more! We want more time with our spouses, families, and friends. We want more material possessions. We want more rest and indulgences. So, we need to speed up our lives in an effort to get more, right? Not so, says Bob Burg. Bob is an insightful, entertaining, bestselling author and speaker who motivates people to cultivate powerful alliances in order to grow their businesses.  In this very inspiring 3-minute video, Bob explains the secret to getting more.

Getting by Giving

He says the best way to get more is not to seek it. Ironically, Bob believes that the best way to get more is to give more. In fact, he has a name for a person who gives more: a Go-Giver. Bob believes in the importance of becoming a Go-Giver and acknowledging other Go-Givers in your life. In fact, he wrote an entire book about it. Who is a Go-Giver? A Go-Giver is someone who always adds more to everyone around them. Bob says they tend to live by five basic principles:
  1. Give more in value than you receive in payment.
  2. Serve as many people as you can – as well as you can.
  3. Put other people’s interests first.
  4. Give the gift of your authentic self.
  5. Always be open to receiving.

Go-Givers In Your Life

Who are the people in your life who live as Go-Givers, always adding value to those around them? Bob encourages you to identify them. Is he or she a parent? A child? A spouse? Your friend? Your boss, co-worker, or employee? Your dry cleaner, personal trainer, or insurance agent? The barista at your café? A social media friend? When you think about it, you probably know many Go-Givers. Once you have identified them, take a moment to appreciate them. Visit to send a free award to the Go-Giver in your life. Let us as business owners shift our focus from getting more to giving more to the people around us! Let’s become Go-Givers! Tweet This

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