The Value of Referral Marketing

referral marketing, marketingThe most strategic aspect of business is generating leads. Not surprisingly, it is sometimes also the most challenging aspect of business. Without a good flow of new customers or clients, most businesses will not succeed. One of the best ways to create a steady stream of qualified leads for almost any business is to develop and implement a Referral Marketing Strategy. This strategy is typically effective in almost all economic conditions. Dr. Ivan Misner, the founder of Business Networking International, states that "referrals are the most reliable, most rewarding, and least expensive way of rounding up business." Few business owners will deny the value of a good referral, and yet most do not have a systematic referral strategy. In fact, according to Dr. Misner, most business schools do not even teach the importance of having a referral marketing strategy. Research has proven that we all prefer to buy from people whom we know, like, and trust. Without the establishment of familiarity, likeability, and trust, you frequently have to spend time and money to overcome the pre-existing skepticism in the buyer. In order to make a sale, you typically have to achieve a certain level of trust – and sometimes building that trust is difficult. A good referral allows you to begin the sales process quickly because a certain level of trust has already been built in. Many business owners have built thriving businesses entirely upon referrals. In fact, almost all businesses start this way. We help our clients jump-start their businesses by developing and implementing a strong referral marketing system. This marketing strategy works any time and every time! Plus, it is the most affordable marketing strategy available! Contact the Growth Coach Houston to find out how you can begin applying a Referral Marketing Strategy.

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