Vision: The Focus of Leadership

vision, leadership, business ownerLeadership has at least 3 primary objectives or tasks. They are vision, culture, and team. In this series of posts I want to look at each of these tasks. This should be the focus of every leader in every business or organization. Today we look at vision.


Simply put, vision is a picture of a preferred future. People gain inspiration and motivation when they feel like they are improving the world in some way. It doesn’t have to be massive, though some are highly engaged by BIG visions. For most people it is just the awareness that we are helping someone, we are making a difference in one person’s life. Every business does this and it is the role or task of the leader to highlight that and celebrate it when it happens. Much has been written around the topic of vision. However, I think it is very simple (though powerful.) Every vision begins with a problem, something that is unpleasant, undesired, or uninspiring. In other words, to articulate a “preferred” future we must start with and “un-preferred” present! So ask yourself, what is the problem or undesirable current reality that our product or service solves?

The Problem – The Vision

As a business coach I see small business owners who are frustrated and struggling because their businesses are not growing. That’s a problem. My vision is to help them develop and implement strategies which will relieve that frustration and enable their businesses to grow. I also see owners who feel like their life and business is out of control because of disorganization, inadequate systems, or rapid growth. They are worried, stressed, and working way too much, sacrificing their health, their families, and their most important relationships. That’s a problem. My vision is to help them organize and systematize their businesses so they can actually work less but make more money.

Create Your Vision

So again, ask yourself, what problem does my business solve for people? What is the emotional or felt need they experience? What motivates them to consider my product or service? How do we add value? Once you feel, understand, and clearly communicate the problem, then articulate the vision of something better to your team, your strategic partners, and your customers. Do it over and over and over again. Never stop sharing the vision, refining the vision, and celebrating the vision. No one else in your company or organization can do this. It is your role as a leader to keep everyone focused on the vision.

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