What is Content Marketing?

content marketing, marketing“You must have a content marketing strategy before you have a social media strategy.” That’s the tip that Joe Pulizzi, content expert and author of Get Content, Get Customers, explains in this interview from Social Media Examiner. Here are a few highlights from the video, in which Pulizzi answers a few questions about what it is and how to make it happen.

What does content marketing have to do with social media?

Content has everything to do with social media. Before you do anything with your social media strategy, you first need a content marketing strategy.

What is a content marketing strategy?

Take off your sales hat and put on your publishing hat. Ask yourself:
  • What are the pain points of my customers?
  • What are their informational needs?
  • How do those relate to my marketing objectives?
  • How can I produce consistent content?
If you want people to share your message, they won’t do that until they read something from you that is worthy and interesting.

What are the kinds of content that someone can use for their content strategy?

Check out 42 different strategies in our guide at contentplaybook.com. You can leverage e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter – any distribution mechanism. Then ask, “What is the niche for which we want to be an expert?” Provide content, then focus on what gets the most interest.

How would a business use a report as content in their marketing strategy?

Start by thinking about all this stuff before you even do the report. Ask yourself:
  • Is this going to be social media optimized?
  • How do we want this to be shared?
  • How will we integrate social media into our reports?
It sounds like a lot of work, but that’s where all the action is. You’ve got to put a plan in place.

How does a business bring readers into the discussion?

Ask yourself, “Where are my customers hanging out online?” Most of us have no idea where our customers are. Are they on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? LinkedIn groups? That’s where you need to be forming conversations because then they’ll be more likely to share content.

Is there a particular kind of content that works better with customers?

I love e-books, white papers, content pieces. Maybe you’re taking content from lot of different places, but you can put it together into an ultimate guide. That’s what we did for our guide on contentplaybook.com. Think about content giveaway but through a vehicle of consistent sharing.

How will content change over the years?

There’s a lot of outsourcing right now because writers know how to tell a story, and marketing departments are already swamped as it is. But ten years from now, I believe it will all come back, and the writers will be hired in-house because everyone needs to be publishers. You have to have a really good story to tell. Your content is too important – we have to have these people on staff.

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