What Limiting Beliefs are Holding You Back – Coaching Question of the Week

Here is the transcript for today's video blog from Houston business coach Glenn Smith:

We're here with our Coaching Question of the Week, and here it is:

What limiting beliefs are holding you back? Think about that. Many of us, until we stop and think about it, don't think we have any limiting beliefs. But the truth is, we all have limiting beliefs. We need to stop and reflect on that so we can know what those limiting beliefs are. To help us do that, I have a chart I want to show you. First, we all get certain results in our businesses, relationships, and lives. And those results come from our behaviors. Certain behaviors create the results we get. If we want different results, we have to engage in different behaviors. The problem is, we engage in certain behaviors because we have a certain mindset. So to change our behaviors, we have to change our mindset. We have to think differently. It is the limiting beliefs that prevent us from engaging in the behaviors that get us the improved or different results that we want. One of my favorite quotes comes from Brian Tracy. Brian says this, he says, "Successful people simply practice successful habits." In other words, successful people figure out, "What are those behaviors that lead to success?" And they repeat those behaviors until they become habits. So successful people simply practice successful habits. But, to engage in those behaviors and develop those habits, we have to first think about, "What do we believe about our business, about our relationships, and about our ability to achieve? What is our mindset?" So today, I want you to think about that question. What limiting beliefs are holding you back from getting the results you truly want? Thank you for watching!

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