What Motivates Someone to Give You a Referral?

Referral Marketing, ReferralsAll good businesses have numerous satisfied customers. However, typically a small percentage of these customers actually generate referrals for your business – why is that? We have already looked at 5 Reasons Why Satisfied Customers Do Not Give Referrals, but now I want to look at the number one reason why satisfied customers DO give referrals. People are passionate about giving a referral when they have a friend or collegue who has a need, and when they know that they have a resource that can solve the friend’s problem! It’s that simple. Most people, given the opportunity to help a friend, will! If they view you as a valuable resource in helping someone you will get the referral. So ask yourself these 2 questions:
  1. How can I position myself to be a valuable resource to my customer/referral source?
  2. How can I help my customer become more aware of opportunities to help their friends and colleagues in this way?
I would like to encourage you to take a strategic retreat and think about how you can leverage referral marketing more. These are your best prospects and they typically turn into your best clients. By taking a strategic retreat you will be able to think, strategize, and create a plan of action to grow your business.  Make sure you know the 5 objectives of a referral marketing strategy and build those into your plan. Every Monday I like to offer tips specifically to help you as a business owner with your marketing. I call this our Monday is for Marketing feature. Subscribe to our blog and get business and marketing tips every week to help you grow professionally and grow your business. As a business coach referral marketing is just one of the marketing strategies I help my clients with. I would really like to know what you think about this. Give me your comments and feedback! Thanks!

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