What Problem Does Your Business Solve?

marketing, solving problemsToday in our Monday is for Marketing feature I want to ask a simple but vitally important question: What problems does your business solve? The key to marketing success is identifying and solving problems. This is the core part of targeting. Marketing itself is education. It is educating your prospective customers on the problems you solve, the way you solve them, and why they should trust you to solve those problems for them (i.e. as opposed to your competitors.) You must know what difficulties and challenges customers are facing. You must know what they really want but have to live without. Then you educate them on how you solve the problem for them. For example:
  • If you are a financial planner you know the people you help want security. They want to be able to retire one day and be financially secure. The problem is that they do not know the best way (or maybe any way) to get there. That's the problem you solve.
  • If you are a CPA who does tax work you know the people you help want to save money on taxes and make sure they avoid any confrontations from the IRS. That's the problem you solve.
  • If you are a realtor you know the people you help want to sell their home as quickly as possible for the highest price possible. They are not sure how to make that happen. That's the problem you solve.
  • As a business coach I know the business owners I help want to grow their businesses but work less. They want to make more money through leverage and systems but they do not know how to make that work. That's the problem I solve for them.
We could go on but the point is success in marketing comes from educating prospective customers that you understand their problem, you can solve their problem, and you're the best one for them to turn to for the solutions they need. So get crystal clear on the needs of your customers and refine your marketing message. We're in the problem-solving business!

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