What’s the Difference Between Exceptional Businesses and Mediocre Businesses?

business owner, improve and growDo you ever ask yourself, what is the difference between the extraordinary businesses and the rest of businesses?  I have asked myself the very same thing, and my observation of hundreds of successful businesses has led to one undeniable conclusion: The difference between the extraordinary businesses and other businesses is the difference between their extraordinary business owners and the rest of the business owners. In other words, extraordinary businesses are led by exceptional business owners. So, the next question you may ask yourself is, what makes one business owner an exceptional business owner and the rest simply mediocre business owners? What distinguishes exceptional business owners as different? One distinguishing difference between exceptional business owners and mediocre business owners is how they choose to spend their time. The mediocre business owners waste their time and energy defending the same, tired strategies that have led them to mediocrity. In contrast, the exceptional business owners are the men and women who have an insatiable desire to learn and grow.  They want to improve their strategies and they're willing to make both mindset and behavioral shifts to grow. Exceptional business owners take the time to improve themselves and to improve their business systems. They read about others who have found success, they interact with other business owners who are growing, and they leverage the strategies they have learned through coaching. For more than a decade The Growth Coach has helping business owners and self-employed professionals improve both their businesses and their personal lives. Our promise to you is simple: If you engage in our coaching process, you can transform yourself into an exceptional business owner, and you can transform your business into an exceptional business.  Click here to learn more about our Strategic Retreats. Contact us for more information. Read and watch the stories of others who have experienced this powerful transformation.

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