Why Does Everyone Hate Sales People?

sleazy car salesman“I have an honorable vocation.” That’s how those of us who are sales professionals view our calling. We consider our professions helpful to prospects and clients. However, many of our prospects have a different perspective. In fact, they would say the very opposite about our vocations. Our prospects might say they feel manipulated. They feel deceived. They feel taken advantage of. They feel disrespected. If that's how your prospect or client feels, you will never be truly successful in sales! So, why does he or she hate sales people? The answer is rarely directly related to you and your efforts.

Past Sales Experiences

You see, the real problem is that our prospects feel this way BEFORE we ever have the opportunity to talk to them. They may have had bad experiences with aggressive or inconsiderate sales people in the past. When we consider their past experiences, it’s no wonder they view us in a negative way. When we do talk to them, they expect to be manipulated, be deceived, be taken advantage of, and be disrespected. So, the relationship between you and your prospect often begins with a mistrust and a somewhat hostile context. Your task is to create a different type of selling experience for your customers! In fact, you need to create exactly the opposite experience than what they have come to expect. Tweet This

Change the Sales Experience

When trained and coached well, sales professionals can create a feeling of empowerment and positive energy within their prospects. Our coaching process, Sales Mastery, enables business owners and sales professionals to transform the attitudes of their clients. This effort will result in customers and clients who want to come back for more! Is it time that you take a hard look at your selling process? What underlying attitudes do your clients have about you? What can you do to change that? Contact us today to help you assess and transform your relationships with prospects and clients!


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