Young Professionals: Build Your Personal Brand

I am intrigued by a recent article in Forbes Magazine entitle “Why Your Kid Can’t Get a Job.” One out of every two Millennials (ages 18-32) is either unemployed or under-employed. And don’t forget, this generation is larger than the Baby Boomer generation! Approximately three million Americans with Bachelor degrees work in jobs that don’t require higher education at all – barristas, bartenders, retail clerks, and janitors. This is the most educated, most indebted, and most under-employed generation in history. While the current economy makes it challenging for these young professionals, they are also being overlooked by aging HR directors and recruiters. There’s a reason that the average LinkedIn user is 44 years old! However, with that said, young professionals need to be leveraging this powerful tool by building their personal brand on LinkedIn. Young professionals should focus on developing the skills of being an entrepreneur. Rethink your social media presence. I agree with the Forbes article that young professionals should ditch the frat party photos and avoid the drunken tweets. You should turn your public social media presence into a showcase of your personal brand and a portal of interests and skills. The best way to combat a thin resume is with photos, video, endorsements, and recommendations. Describe how you have learned and have demonstrated leadership, initiative, and responsibility. Talk about your goals and how you’re moving toward them. Build your brand such that a prospective employer would want a person like you on their team. There will always be an abundance of opportunities for young professionals who will be entrepreneurial, ambitious, and persistent. Don’t lose heart. Success begins in your mind. Adopt the mindset of an entrepreneur. No one is responsible for your success but you. It’s possible and it’s available. Don’t settle for living in your parents’ basement. Businesses are always looking for great talent. And who knows, maybe you just need to start your own business. Show the world what you’re made of!

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