Your Marketing Message: Be Sure You Get It Right!

marketing message, effective marketing, monday is for marketingAn effective message is at the core of effective marketing. It is absolutely critical that you get clear on your message! This is our topic today in our Monday is for Marketing feature! The beginning of a marketing message is your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition.) This is the first personal introduction to what you do and the value you bring. It's important to realize that the U.S.P. is not intended to "sell" your product but to open the door to have a conversation where you can share your message! As Seth Godin says, no one every bought anything on an elevator! A poor U.S.P. will inhibit your opportunities to share your message, so be sure you work on it and get it right!

Once you share your U.S.P., you should get the opportunity to then share your marketing message.

A comprehensive message will have 3 parts. First, you want to share what you do. Next you should share why they should do business with you instead of your competitors. And finally you should share with them how they can begin to engage with you right now!

What You Do

You want to share in a concise, easy to understand way exactly what you do. You must focus on the value you bring to your clients. So I might say something like this: I'm an executive coach and I work with both small business owners and larger companies. What I do is unleash talent and help them create systems to grow their companies! Typically business owners hire me for 3 reasons. First, they want to grow their business. They are either stuck or they are frustrated that they are not growing faster. Intuitively they know that if they hire an experienced business adviser who has helped many others like them, they will achieve their goals much faster, so they hire me and I do just that. Second, they want to solve problems that keep nagging them. They are frustrated with ongoing marketing challenges,  staff issues, cash flow concerns, and time management (life balance) frustrations. I help them solve problems effectively and efficiently. Third, they hire me to help them improve their systems and processes, so that they can work smarter not harder; so they can work less but make more; and so they can have a business which will run without them, one that is sellable! Typically executives in larger companies hire me for 3 reasons.  First, they lack clarity and strategic focus. They hire me to help them accomplish greater results both personally and organizationally through better focus and clarity. Second, they hire me to help them with employee development. I provide training and coaching for their sales staff, their managers, and leaders within their company. Third, they hire me to facilitate strategic planning for themselves and their teams. I may not share both of those descriptions. It all depends on who I'm speaking to. But that's the beginning. Share what you offer, the problems you solve, the hopes you fulfill, and the reasons people should care about your products or services.

Why They Should Choose You Over Your Competitors

Next your marketing message should communicate how you are better than your competition. There are 5 key components to this part of your marketing message:
  • Your Reputation
  • Your Experience
  • Your Training and/or Associations
  • Your System or Process
  • Your Promise or Guarantee
I like to present this in the form of questions that prospects should ask of anyone they are considering to hire as a coach. For my example see "How to Select an Executive or Business Coach."

How They Can Engage You Right Now

Finally, your marketing message should invite them to begin engaging you right now! You want to offer a very simple initial solution that only requires a small step, a small type of action with little commitment and zero risk. For me, I offer a FREE 1-hour Strategy Session to help them work on some goal, problem, or concern in their business. The commitment on their part is simply an hour of their time. This is NOT a sales pitch! My goal is to deliver exceptional value in that hour so that they will want to know more about how to benefit from my services ongoing. If you work on these 3 parts of your marketing message you will be well on your way to getting it right and growing your business. For more help, please contact me. Let me invite YOU to take advantage of a 1-hour FREE Strategy Session!

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