Your Mindset Can Be Your Advantage

I was very inspired today by one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin.  Here's what Seth had to say:

When everyone has access to the same tools

...then having a tool isn't much of an advantage. The industrial age, the age of scarcity, depended in part on the advantages that came with owning tools others didn't own. Time for a new advantage. It might be your network, the connections that trust you. And it might be your expertise. But most of all, I'm betting it's your attitude.

Seth reminded me that our mindset can be one of our greatest advantages! Here are 3 mindsets that will give you an advantage:

  1. The Mindset of a Learner.  I love learning and I try to learn new things everyday. In fact I have a personal value where I try to learn something new FROM every client each month, and I try to learn something new FOR every client each month. I admire lifelong learners. People who are learners are not intimidated by criticism or constructive feedback. They are willing to take risks because they know the worst thing that will happen is that they will learn something. Learners are always reading and absorbing new information. They are open to new ideas and to change. As a result, they are always improving. The mindset of a learner can give you a powerful advantage over your competitors.
  2. The Mindset of a Visionary.  Visionaries can see the big picture. They look into the future and dream about what could be. They bring meaning to the most mundane of tasks. They inspire their employees, their vendors, and their customers. This too is a great advantage.
  3. The Mindset of a Strategic Business Owner.  We talk about this a lot around The Growth Coach. Strategic Business Owners learn to elevate their mindset. They focus on achieving exceptional results through other people and through carefully designed systems. They are marketers who find new ways to get their message out and gain leverage in their business. And for me, I can always tell when I'm in a place of business that is operated by a Strategic Business Owner - everything is just better!
I want to encourage you to let your mindset be your advantage today. Think like a learner, a visionary, and a Strategic Business Owner. You will be amazed at the advantage this will give you!


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  1. sbusiso says:

    I like being an visionar cause it will help me to plan for my future goals

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