Your Small Business is a School – You are the Teacher

employee, customer, fulfillment, teacherI believe that every business owner should view his or her business as a school. I believe that every business owner should view himself or herself as not only an owner but a teacher. I say this because before an employee can work for you, he or she must learn two important things. And you as the owner are the only person that can teach your employee these two things.

Delivering on your Promise

First, your employee needs to learn your specific promise to your customers. Second, your employee must learn your specific way of fulfilling that promise to your customers. Every employee should learn how you fulfill that promise effectively, efficiently, consistently, and predictably. Unfortunately, many owners do not delegate well. One reason is because owners tend to be control freaks. But once we begin to address that issue, we realize that we must train our team to deliver on our promise. We must help them understand the promise so they can own the promise. When they own the promise, they become as passionate as we are and make sure our promises to customers are fulfilled every time. When your employees learn your promise and your way of fulfilling that promise, you can delegate more to them with peace of mind.

A Customer Fulfillment System

Business owners who want to be more effective at teaching and training their employees should first ask themselves four questions:
  • Do I have the perfect prototype so that I am sure my promise will be fulfilled?
  • Have I clearly defined my customer fulfillment system?
  • Have I documented my customer fulfillment system enough such that I can train others to implement it?
  • Do I have an ongoing training process for my team?
If your answer to any of these questions is no, contact a business coach today. We can help you build a customer fulfillment system that works — so you don't have to!

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