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Our coaching question of the week is this: "What is your mission?" In other words, do you have a mission statement? When I ask that question you may be thinking, "my life mission" or "our company mission," or maybe if you're a manager you're thinking "my department mission." And you probably need a statement for all three of those areas. But right now I want to ask, "What is your company mission statement?" There's a lot of confusion about mission and what mission exactly is. I want to talk about that just briefly. First, a mission statement is not a vision statement. There's a lot of confusion between mission and vision. Vision has to do with the future, seeing the future, what's going to be. Mission is about what you do right now. What are we doing today. So mission is not vision. Mission is not values either. That is, those values or those guiding principals. Those core beliefs that shape the culture of your company and your organization. So mission is not values. And thirdly, mission is not strategy. You need a strategy, but before you develop your strategy, you need to be clear on your mission. So what is a mission, and what is a mission statement? I like to think of it this way: A mission is a clear, concise, short, concrete statement about why you exist. It answers the "why" question: Why do we exist? In other words, it's talking about your core purpose. And in writing your mission statement, you should always start with an infinitive. Now, your mind may have to go back to high school or college to remember what an infinitive is. But an infinitive is a "to" verb. So a good mission statement will state, "To_________" (followed by a verb or a participle.) So our mission is to empower, to help, to develop, to create, to provide, to serve, it's a "to" verb. That's what an infinitive is. So in my organization, our mission statement is, "to empower." We want to empower business owners to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses. So you start with an infinitive, and then you have a target. Who is the target? In my case, it's business owners. And then you have an outcome. And so, our mission is, "To empower business owners to achieve exceptional performance in their businesses." So what's your mission statement? I want to encourage you today to think about that question, write it down, and talk about it with your team members so you're all very, very clear on what your mission is.

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2 Responses to “How to Write a Mission Statement – Coaching Question of the Week”

  1. Glenn, the simplicity and clarity of your educational video sessions are outstanding. You have a real gift for coaching and communicating…thanks for sharing your talents and value through these short and powerful videos. You did an excellent job explaining what a mission statement IS and IS NOT. Continued success.

    Daniel Murphy, CEO/Founder
    The Growth Coach Franchise System

    • Glenn says:

      Dan, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate your encouragement and support. Very proud to be a part of The Growth Coach system!